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ATV & SXS - UTV Product Reviews

Reviews of accessories, bolt-ons, and aftermarket products for ATVs, UTVs, and Side-x-Sides.

Camp Chef Outdoor Gear

The Keeper of the Flame
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Part of the fun in any outdoor adventure is cooking out, and it seems everything tastes better outside.  For the past few years, Yamaha has been partnering with Camp Chef to provide the cooking gear for our desert oasis and they could hardly do any better.  Camp Chef has a huge lineup of high quality outdoor cooking equipment.  Whether you’re grilling brats at a pre-game tailgate party outside the stadium, making flap jacks for the crew at the hunting cabin, or warming up a single can of soup on your climb to the summit, they’ve got the perfect tool for you.   

Track Time - Mattracks' Litefoot Tracks

Go Anywhere. Anytime
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John Arens

There are tires for sand, snow, mud, and every other type of riding condition, but when the snow gets too deep or the bog too soft, nothing can get you through a tough spot like a good set of tracks.  MATTRACKS has been building tracks for everything from tractors to ATVs since 1994 and we’ve tried their track systems on rough, rocky terrain, across a muddy swamp, up hills that would give our relatives cause to worry, and of course, on snow.

Winter Protection - Ranger Wrap

We Install Seizmiks Cab System
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John Arens

Whether riding on farm, forest, or flat out across the sweltering desert, sooner or later nearly every Side x Side owner appreciates the value of extra protection.  Northern riders are exposed to harsh winter conditions, and while the snow covered woods appears beautiful, nobody likes a biting winter wind in their face.  We needed to increase the comfort on our trusty trail and work buddy Polaris Ranger 800, and Seizmik Advanced Utility Systems had just what we were looking for.  

Product Review - Winter Beater

Testing a Generation II Eagle Plow
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Next to a roof and a windshield, snow blades are one of the most popular accessories for UTVs and ATVs. It’s a natural fit actually. An ATV or Side x Side can maneuver through tight areas much easier than a jeep, a pickup, or tractor, and unless you’ve got really deep snow, they do a great job of clearing the drive or walk. If you already own an ATV or Side x Side, it’s a no-brainer to use it as a winter tool.

Product Review - The Turbo Turn

A New Tool for an Old Job
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A snow plow is one of the most useful tools you can use with your ATV.  An ATV can maneuver into areas a tractor or truck mounted plow can’t reach, and it can make short work of a tough winter job.  Most snow plows follow a similar design, but recently American Manufacturing introduced a new trick for your old dog.  

Product Review - Lock n' Road!

The Mighty Tite Trailer Security System
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Unless the riding area, hunting camp, and job site is right behind your house you’ll surely be hauling your ATV and Side x Side on a regular basis.  For many of us that means every time we drive it.  A trailer is the best tool for the job when it comes time to haul your machine, but regardless of the brand or size you definitely need to make sure it is securely attached to the trailer.  One of the best tools we have seen for securing your machine safely is the MIGHTY TITE load security system.  

New Product Test - The Flying Squadron

Baja Design Squadron Lights
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Riding a familiar trail after the sun goes down is often a surreal experience.  Features you recognize and know during the day blend into endless shadows and the trail takes on the characteristics of an entirely new area.  Unless you’re very careful it’s even possible to become lost on a night ride, and more than once we’ve back tracked to a turn we should have made but blew by because we didn’t recognize it.  Other dangers lurk in the shadows as well and creatures large and small often share the trail, oblivious to any danger.

New Products - Warn Winch 2012

Your Last, Best Hope When You Need A Rope
Written By: 
John Arens

We’ve all been there - knee or even seat deep in muck and mire while friends watch safely from the edge.  They’re too far away to be of much help, none too anxious to wade into the quagmire and save you from a problem of your own making, and truth be told, it’s always a little amusing to see somebody else stuck anyway.  You’re pretty much on your own.  At this point, you’ve only got two possible sources of help you can count on: divine intervention, and a WARN winch.  No doubt, past indiscretion has cost you mightily with the almighty, so you had better count on Warn.

Tool Time - The Dirty Dozen

The Most Important Tools You Need to Own
Written By: 
Master Mechanic Pete and staff

Through the years we’ve worked on just about every ATV or Side x Side ever built.  In that time we’ve also collected quite a few tools, but there are a few that we use all the time.  If you’re planning on doing much riding you can expect to use a few tools also, and we’ve put together our list of the “dirty dozen” tools we recommend you include in your tool box.  Own these and you can do just about any job in the off-road world.