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POV Action for the Trail or Track
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Watch practically any powersports event, race, or adventure show and you’ll see small video cameras sprouting from the rider or vehicle. The invention of high definition, highly durable mini cameras has changed how events are filmed and viewed by others. There is no shortage of POV (Point Of View) high definition cameras on the market, and recently we tried one available at CAN-AM dealers called the CYCLOPS GEAR CGX2.


From any perspective the Cyclops Gear CGX2 looks strikingly similar to another well-known POV camera on the market (GoPro), and indeed the two are so close in size we’ve even used the same mounts we already had in place on our helmet. Rather than bore you with a bunch of tech-geek jargon you could find on the manufacturers website though, we like to take the products out and use them just like YOU would, and give you an honest evaluation from a real user’s perspective. After spending some quality trail time with the CGX2 here is what we found. tough, waterproof case does a great job of protecting the CGX2 camera. Buttons on the side and top control all functions, but a remote control wrist band works great as well. Thanks to an infinite number of mounting options you can locate it practically anywhere on your machine or body.


The CGX2 comes ready to go with everything you need to record today. No more searching for a 32MB Micro-SD card, batteries, or camera mounts. Open the box, give the battery a charge while you apply any combination of the mounts, and get ready to make a movie!


The camera shoots 4K (3,840 x 2,160) at 15 or 12.5 fps, or 2K (2,074 x 1,520) at 30, 25, 24 fps. It can record full HD 1080 at 60, 50, 30, or 25 frames per second (fps), but it can also take still pics at 12MP. That leaves you plenty of options for recording the action. We set ours to 1080 at 60 frames per second since that provides excellent quality on any screen.

One really nice added feature on the CGX2 is that it comes with a built-in motion detector! That means if you’re using it in the duck or deer blind, when it senses motion ahead it begins recording. Now you can fumble for arrows or wrap your shivering fingers around a cold gun stock for all to see later.


The footage it recorded was crisp and clear on playback, with good color saturation. You’ll be able to watch your buddy ahead of you on the track or trail in high-def easily. love the rear LCD screen on the CGX2. Notice the settings displayed, and the small blue light on the left that blinks when recording begins.


Often the hardest things about using a small action cam is figuring out what the buttons do, and determining if it is actually recording. We’ve looked into the lens countless times for the telltale blinking light. The CGX2 makes that much easier thanks to a remote control wristband that can control all functions of operation. And the entire package – camera case and wristband – is waterproof down to 160’!


We really like the 2 inch LCD display on the rear of the CGX2. It shows exactly what the camera is seeing, and it shows all your recording settings. A blue light on the left side blinks when you are actually recording. Other recording options are shown as well. Overall, it is very intuitive.


The CGX2 features built-in Wi-Fi, and has a compatible Cyclops Gear App. Using the App you can start and stop the camera and review footage from your iOS or Android smartphone or tablets. the clear case removed the CGX2 can still be operated and you can hook it to your computer or a remote microphone for better sound.


The CGX2 is priced about $100 less than it’s more famous GoPro competitor and it comes with everything to get you recording right away. While the other brand might offer a few more artistic custom recording options, unless your last name is Spielberg we wouldn’t worry about it.


The Cyclops Gear CGX2 is tough to beat for it’s size, function, and versatility. The package comes with everything you need to get started, and the quality of the components and the image quality is on par with any other camera we’ve tried. For a very reasonable $299 it is quite possibly the best value in the market.

CYCLOPS GEAR CGX2 4K WI-FI ACTION CAMERA - msrp: $299.99  Available through BRP dealerships nationwide

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